Moroccan Party

When I was first approached about this party, I immediately envisioned what everything would look like. After meeting with the client, I was even more excited for the day of the party. Sometimes I just can't WAIT for the day to get here and this was no exception. Being in the moment is my favorite part of the process because I finally get the chance to create all the beautiful details that have been so carefully prepared.

For me, the entry is one of the most important places at the event. It is the first thing the guests see when they have arrived and it sets the mood for the entire event. The foyer in this gorgeous home was the perfect setting for an oversized lantern with an incredible collection of some of my favorite spring flowers. When you are working with such amazing product it is really hard to go wrong: Coral peonies, Sara Bernhart Peonies, local Poppies, Gloriosa lilies, Japanese Sweet Pea, Mimosa and Roses of many varieties.

Gloriosa Lilies and tumbling Jasmine vine added drama on a table full of goodies
for guests to snack on, right outside then tent.

Carefully constructed garlands of Carnation petals were hung in this archway in an ombre affect, welcoming guests into the party space.

The tent was transformed into a Moroccan paradise, complete with authentic rugs, low tables with custom silk pillows for guests dining.

The floral decor was bright and colorful with elements like Kumquats, Fiddlehead ferns, and Mimosa added for unexpected texture and color. Lanterns and Moroccan tea glasses resting in a bed of rose petals made the look even more authentic.

The tent was draped in a beautiful sheer fabric with a little bit of sparkle to it. The colors were layered in an ombre affect, a returning theme of the evening. The chandeliers gave the perfect finishing touch to the entire event.

I hope the guests had as much fun at the party as I did in designing it. I was lucky enough to have my sweet husband as my helper for the day. I am very blessed to have such a great partner who is always willing to help me and keeps me laughing while we work.

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JCLS said...

Um seriously? You are AMAZING....I want to be just like you when I grow up. :)